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The Manic Month of March

While taking notes in March for a long writing goal in April, for both NaNoCamp and LeFiWriMo- an extended challenge on Legendfire.com – I decided that along with my notes, I would keep a note-diary. I really should keep doing this. I learned more about myself this way, most importantly that I’m crazy. Ahh *sigh* oh well. Right now I’m thinking of trying this again for April and posting it at the start of May. We’ll see.

My Personal Thoughts


This part is going to be my personal thoughts, obviously, about what I’m working on and the various dilemmas that I will find myself in.


3/4 – 11:30 – As the plot to this starts to unfold in my mind, I wonder if this might actually be bigger than one novel. I could technically draw it out into a trilogy as Ragnarok has three winters and a final battle. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this, but my mind has been churning non-stop. Yes, I can get obsessive as a writer.


3/4 – 13:07 – I do believe that after March is over I’m going to put all these thought on my blog. I think it will be a mini-LeFi-diary, and it’ll be fun, of course. I had to take a break from character creation and clean my house because I’m over thinking, over analyzing, and self-doubting my characters. Are they too stereotypical? Do I have too many? I think I’m just going to make myself stop worrying about it so much and make them how I feel I should. If needs be, I can change them later; it isn’t April, yet. Forging onward to battle note taking.


3/5 – 07:22 – I have to do some more research today. I know Ragnarok has three winters, but since I didn’t write them down, I don’t remember them. I would like to incorporate them in somehow. I should also go back through old photos from when I lived in New England as that is where I want my beginning setting to be. I can’t very well have them all come from Florida, eh?  I may not have had access to my laptop last night, but I had a small notebook, and was able to work on my characters. This time around has been really different in my approach to notes and writing. I’m really aiming for a character driven novel/novella. And I’m insanely gracious for all the encouragement I’ve gotten from LF, FB, and the hubz. Of course, he has grand dreams of this turning into the next “Twilight” or “Divergent.” Not that I would mind, but I doubt it.


3/5 – 10:44 – I wonder if this rabbit hole of research even has an end. It’s not bogging me down yet, so I have no worries. I’m still really excited about this, and I hope my writing does it justice.


3/6 – 16:09 – After completing an in depth character sheet, I now wonder whether previous character I’ve written have fallen flat. Before I would always worry more about plot than characters, but with this one I’m making the main focus on the characters. It’s definitely a learning experience.


3/10 – 11:46 – I have my main characters mapped out and I think I now know them better than half of my family.  I’m going to work on some of the plot/outline today and I have written a Blurb. After working out some of the plot in my mind, this has gotten much larger than anticipated. It might actually end up as a trilogy of novellas. I have no qualms about this, and if once I start writing I need more plot, well, I can always squish them together and rename the whole thing. I’m still in love with this story and the characters and that’s all that matters right now.


3/11 – 11:31 – What a funk I am in today! Completely scrapping my plot out line and starting anew, just not right now. To help me get out of my funk I’ve decided to write today on a previous project. At least one thousand words and not a word less. I’m already about 50 words in and I already feel a little better. I just seem to get really depressed when I don’t write. Is that weird? Probably not for a writer, eh? Who knows, maybe after 1,000 words I’ll have some new ideas about how to go about this novel/story. I just feel that A LOT of people like the concept and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I feel like this has the potential to be great and I don’t want to screw it up. After thinking that I have to give myself the same advice I give others, “But that’s what first drafts are for! A big slap in the face saying, ‘you got it down, now make it better.’ You can do this.”


3/12 – 10:05 – After writing 1400 words yesterday on something unrelated, I feel much better. I have some new ideas and am beginning to think more in a linear fashion. For me it’s hard to write without knowing how to connect A to Z, if you know what I mean. I like writing from beginning to end. Other ways haven’t worked for me. I’ve begun to think of what Ragnarok would mean for the Earth after the nine worlds merge. I’ve thought of various situations such as super volcanoes or having the western border of North America drop in the ocean, but I think that’s a little drastic. I don’t want to kill off the entire world, just hurt some people. Gosh, that sounds horrible. (Look at me, I’m a terrible person, but in the name of writing!) Enough for now, back to work.


3/22 – 12:29 – So I’ve been really stressed about this piece. I really want it to be something special, and it’s like I’m cock-blocking myself. I’ve been having issues with what I want to be as my catalyst to get the plot rolling. Now I’m of the mind of just introducing all the characters and letting it organically flow. Maybe because I know what’s going to happen at the end I’m repeatedly running into walls? Maybe I should just forget the ending and …. I have no idea… having a lot of issues with this, but I’ll figure something out. Of course, real life stress doesn’t help. I’m not giving up on this, because that’s not who I am. I’m more likely to beat it to death with a stupid-stick than throw my hands in the air and say, “eff it.” I think I have my characters planned well, so that will help. I just hope they are deep enough.


3/25 – 17:00 – Today I have compiled notes on various scenes I would like to include. I also did myself a big favor and got Scrivener to see if it would help keep me organized. So far, I love it. I love outlines to begin with, but it’s so much more than that. The characters within my mind are finally interacting and I’m excited to see where this goes. I told myself in the beginning that I wasn’t going to put a love triangle in, but I did. Oh well, it was bound to happen. Well maybe it isn’t so much of a love triangle as an affair. I just hope it makes things more exciting.


3/26 – 10:13 – Woke up early this morning and plotted out a few more scenes. I feel like I’m finally starting to get the puzzle pieces to fit together. Of course, Facebook came along and I puttered around for an hour. I’m beginning to wonder if Facebook is draining my muse. Well, I’ll just have to stay away from it for awhile. I should just stay away from internet all together for awhile. I feel good about what little I have accomplished though. Maybe I’m just trying to keep my head up? I feel like I’m dangling above a precipice with this WIP.


4/1 – 17:05 – Over 2500 words written today on an opening scene I didn’t think of until last night. I love it! Of course, the writing’s crap and the grammar’s probably atrocious, but it’s down. I have a spot to move forward from. 🙂 Now on to meeting other characters then comes the romance, death, and end of the world- maybe not in that exact order.


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Writer’s Block

Yes, I am stuck on the proverbial dead-end of writing. I veered away from my original outline for my novel and now have to either back track or maneuver my way back to the main plot line. I am in no way, shape, or form saying that writing is a dead end. It’s not.

I personally have come to a spot that some writers call a block. I have been advised by many peers to either push through it or go back and edit, restructure, make more notes, etc. There are tons of things to do if you have writer’s block. I am doing none of these.

Instead, I have decided to stop for a day or two, and just read. I’ve been so caught up in my writing that I haven’t had time to read. Reading is my therapy for all things. I love it and writing equally.

Rather than berating myself for not reaching my daily writing goal, I’m going to relax and indulge my flights of fancy. 🙂 Besides, as a writer, reading counts as work too, right? 😉


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