NaNo Novel’s Next Nudge Now that November is No-more.

Now that Nanowrimo is done for the year, I have to decide what to do with what I wrote. I have come to realize there are few different paths I can choose.

Firstly, I could keep on writing. Nah, no I couldn’t; I know there are parts I left out because I couldn’t get the scene right in my mind. They would nag at me until I was driven insane. The likelihood of my throwing my laptop against the wall would rise exponentially if I left a scene behind.

Secondly, I could leave it alone. I know a few writers who have chosen to do this. Some are going back to finish whatever they were in the middle of when November first rolled around. Others have decided to let their novel age as if it were a barrel of wine. No, I do not think it will get better with age; I am quite sure it will stay exactly the same. Personally, I know if I let it sit, it will sit, forever. I have to do something with it now or else it will become a forgotten and forlorn file on my laptop.

Finally, (I’m sure there are other things I could have chosen, but for time reasons three is all you get.) I could rework/edit my novel. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding! We have a WINNER! I have chosen to go back in order to move forward. I can’t help it; I love my novel. I have faith that it will turn out to be one of my best works so far.

I know that isn’t saying much, but it is what it is. Currently, I’m going back and making notes of things that need to be clarified, or parts that need more detail, and those parts that have horrible inconsistencies. I’m not going through it with a fine tooth comb: I’m aiming for a more general, basic edit. Guess I’ll see how it goes. I may or may not post something of the novel when it becomes worthy.



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WINNER! The best feeling in the world! NaNoWriMo2013


Possibly the best feeling I’ve had all year. At 2pm, a day early, I validated 50,010 words. No, I am not finished with my novel. Yes, I plan on finishing it, hopefully by Christmas. Well, at least a first draft. Anyways, yeah, I AM FREAKING AWESOME!!

All of us writers are awesome! Congratulations to those who have won NaNoWriMo this year, and to those who at least tried. I really only wanted to post a blog today so I could brag and dance around in my own awesomeness. 🙂 Of course, now that NaNo is finished I must let life back in. My house is in dire need of cleaning, Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m sure my kids miss me.

My faith in myself has been restored and I now have the confidence to press forward with what I hope will be a successful writing career. Although I’m sure I will have doubts in my ability to write well in the future, for now I feel as though I am the best in the world, at least my own world.


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The Last Week of NaNoWriMo 2013

I finally hit the 40,000 word mark last night. I’m still technically a little behind, but I’m still writing away! I know I won’t be anywhere near finished with my novel at 50,000 words. That doesn’t bother me at all. From what I’ve seen, most fantasy novels are anywhere from 80,000 to 150,000 words.

That’s what I’m aiming for. I can’t wait to have a full novel finished. I’m thinking of letting it sit for maybe a month and then going back and sculpting it into something worth reading. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even summon enough courage to submit it sometime next year. 🙂

NaNoWriMo has been such a learning experience. As a new writer, I’ve struggled with the discipline aspect of writing. I had this outrageous thought that writers were “inspired” all the time, and that’s why they’re able to write so much so quickly. I now know it doesn’t happen like that.

The only pretty, shiny, “romanticized” part of writing is the point at which a piece of writing has been published. What makes that happen is working hard everyday, stressing constantly over the juggling of details and weaving of various plots and sub-plots, and the hair-pulling worry over what he/she has created.

I’m so glad I decided to go ahead and join NaNaWriMo this year. I’m learning what it takes, and by golly, I know I can do this! Seriously though, EVERYONE should at least attempt it.


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Halfway Through NaNoWriMo2013

Three days late and I have finally hit the halfway point of NaNoWriMo, 25,000 words. It felt like as soon as I hit 23,000 words, I hit a large brick wall. I couldn’t get my mind to focus. Life had gotten in the way.


Life seems to be full of crazy, stressful moments that take over your body and mind. So after two days of a near constant state of an anxiety attack, I have finally calmed down enough to write. I might be able to catch back up and finish the goal, but I’m not betting on it. I will finish my novel, but it is no longer worth the freakout and worry of making daily word goals.


Thankfully I have resorted back to my “stop-and-smell-the-roses” attitude. I look back and almost want to laugh at myself for acting so silly. Life is not so hard.


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A Look at What’s To Come

So my husband and I have been seriously looking at buying some undeveloped land and becoming homesteaders. Personally, I’d like to be somewhere in the Mountains, either Northeast or Northwest, and be partially off the grid. I’m not sure either of us could live without TV during football season, or without enough electricity to power his dream of a metal shop.


I’ve decided that I’m going start some in-depth research, and I will post my findings here. I will be studying home building materials and techniques, laws in Maine, Vermont, and Washington as those are the states I love the most, different livestock and their care, large-scale gardening and different ways to live GREEN.


With children, I’m not sure how far “off-the-grid” is possible, but you will be able to see my research here. I’ll try to include links or references to websites and books I have found to be most informative. This is definitely going to be quite an undertaking, but I’m up for the challenge. It will be quite an adventure!

Look for more posts to follow. 🙂

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Something New

I love autumn! It is still a sweltering 80 degrees Fahrenheit here and I am missing the brisk air and wondrous colors of the north. Still, though, it is fall and the time for baking with pumpkin. Usually I’ll make pumpkin bread or pumpkin cheesecake, but today I decided to try something new.

A pumpkin streusel coffeecake.Pumpkin Cake

It was delicious! I found a recipe on Libby’s website,, and gave it a whirl. Because I love it, I switched pumpkin pie spice for the cinnamon called for in the recipe. I only wish I had whip cream to go with it, or maybe a powdered sugar glaze.

It was moist, yet crumbly as all coffeecakes should be. I think it was closer to the texture of a regular cake; it was melt in your mouth wonderful. The little crunchy pieces of streusel were amazing. It’s taking every ounce of willpower for me not to go and get another piece and make myself miserable. I believe this recipe is going to be added to our family’s pumpkin recipes.

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10,000 words- NaNoWriMo 2013

For those of you who haven’t heard, NaNoWriMo means National Novel Writing Month. Anyone can join for free at This year was the first year I have ever heard of it, and that was due to . I figured, why not? I haven’t tried it yet, and the worst thing that could happen is that I start writing a novel and don’t finish. The best thing, and what I’m still secretly praying for, would be for me to finish, on time, and edit, then re-edit, and, after an amount of time and numerous submissions, for it to be PUBLISHED! Yes, that is what I want out of NaNo this year, but my hopes are quiet. I know it isn’t likely for my first novel ever written to be published right away, but stranger things have happened, right?

So here I am, plugging away on day six and I hit a momentous mark, the 10,000 word mark. I can honestly say I have never written so much on one story in my entire life! When I looked down and saw that magical number at the bottom left hand corner of MS WORD, (10,020), I thought I was about to cry or laugh or maybe even both at the same time. It’s thrilling to know I am well on my way to finishing my first novel. This is a big deal for me.  I figure if I keep at this rate I will finish on time, barely. I need to step it up. I am determined to finish this.

This may sound cliché, but I honestly think NaNo has changed my life in a small way. It has returned my sense of determination and resolution. I no longer feel as though I will wilt beneath the pressure of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. It may not be a glass ceiling, but it feels like I broke through some sort of glass barrier within my own mind, my own boundaries. I will survive and I will thrive!

I hear so many people say, “I want to do “blank” someday,” or maybe, “I wish I could ____,” but here I am walking confidently toward my dream of being a published author. NaNo has given me a new perspective; I know how much hard work it’s taking for my dream to become a reality, but it will definitely be worth it.


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