A Look at What’s To Come

So my husband and I have been seriously looking at buying some undeveloped land and becoming homesteaders. Personally, I’d like to be somewhere in the Mountains, either Northeast or Northwest, and be partially off the grid. I’m not sure either of us could live without TV during football season, or without enough electricity to power his dream of a metal shop.


I’ve decided that I’m going start some in-depth research, and I will post my findings here. I will be studying home building materials and techniques, laws in Maine, Vermont, and Washington as those are the states I love the most, different livestock and their care, large-scale gardening and different ways to live GREEN.


With children, I’m not sure how far “off-the-grid” is possible, but you will be able to see my research here. I’ll try to include links or references to websites and books I have found to be most informative. This is definitely going to be quite an undertaking, but I’m up for the challenge. It will be quite an adventure!

Look for more posts to follow. 🙂


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