My First Blog!

Bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I walk down a winding trail through a dark wood. There are sure to be many hidden pit falls along the way, but there will also be spot where the sun will shine so brightly I will have to shield my eyes. This is my life.


I sit here and write, my mind racing, Omigarsh, I’m finally doing this! my heart fluttering with a margin of fear of rejection. Of course, reality sets in as I look up over my laptop screen and see two little boys pretending to be superheroes. “C’mon Ryan, let’s go kill the bad guys with my super dragon machine!” “Bad guy, here we come to get you” A smile creeps across my face as I realize that the fear doesn’t matter. I am not defined by what people think of my writing. I write because I love to write. (and especially the clicking of the keys on my laptop) So join with me as I detail my adventures.


Cue the adventurous, awe-inspiring soundtrack music and walk hand in hand with me along the winding trail of life.


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